3 good reasons to use solar lighting

3 good reasons to use solar lighting

3 good reasons to use solar lighting

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Are you looking to give your outdoor area a special atmosphere? Solar lamps are for you! They will allow you to light up your garden or terrace without necessarily having to carry out major work.

In our online shop or in our showroom, you will find solar lamps with many shapes, powers and types of lighting possible. Solar lighting has become in a few years a decorative ally for your outdoor spaces. Follow our advice to make the right choice for your future outdoor solar lamp.

What criteria should you look at when choosing your solar lighting?

Before you make your choice of solar lamps you will have to compare several important criteria. They will determine their use but also the atmosphere you will give to your garden or terrace. Each lamp will have its own purpose. Indeed, it can be used to mark out a path in a garden, to light up the edges of your terrace on summer evenings or even to light up your table during your long summer dinners.

Criterion 1: Power

The power you want will depend on the use you want to make of it. For example, if you want to mark out a passageway, you will need more power for orientation. If you are looking for lamps that will only add atmosphere to your garden, a lower wattage will be required. To ensure good lighting you will need between 200 and 300 lumens minimum.

Criterion 2: The mode of lighting

There are three lighting modes for an outdoor solar lamp:

The automatic mode : the lamp lights up by itself at the beginning of the night and goes out at the first light of dawn.

Motion detection : it is the passage of an individual in front of its sensor that will allow it to light up.

The ON/OFF button : you simply choose when it lights up with the push of a button.

Each lighting mode has its own use, which can also be taken into account in the design of your exterior. The 500 Lumen luminaires from Les Jardins combine all three lighting modes in a single module. Find all the information on Les Jardins luminaires in our detailed article. 

Criterion 3: Price

The prices of outdoor solar lamps vary enormously. You will find first price lamps around 10€ each or lamps worth several hundred euros. Their price will depend on their resistance, their autonomy, the materials used but also the functions they can offer. At Les Jardins du Sud we only offer top-of-the-range solar lights which guarantee a minimum autonomy of 6 hours and an average power of 300 Lumens. Moreover, the brands we work with have created top-of-the-range solar lights with high quality materials such as teak, stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium. 

Criterion 4: Lifetime

For optimum life, you should take into account the instructions in the manual supplied with your solar lamp. Some will be more resistant to bad weather and temperature changes. Please note that at Les Jardins du Sud we only offer solar lights with an IP55 waterproof rating, which allows you to leave your lamp outside in any weather. This will not affect its operation.  

Criterion 5: Form and Use

Finally, you need to determine which form of solar lamp will suit you best depending on the use you are going to make of it. Here are some concrete examples of what you can find and their use:

Solar bollards : They are mainly used to mark out a path or a terrace and offer moderate lighting.

Solar street lamps : They will be used for mood lighting and will be perfect for illuminating your gardens and flowerbeds.

Solar wall lights : they will be used to illuminate your entrance or garage doors to easily find the handle or your keys.

Table lamps : They will be used mainly to brighten up your long summer dinners and put a decorative touch on your table.

If you would like more information before purchasing your solar lights, please do not hesitate to contact us on 04 92 28 54 16, we will be delighted to help you. 

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