PROSTOR P6 Offset Parasol

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The MUST of parasols, a real product originally designed for professionals, the PROSTOR P6 and PROSTOR P6-XL parasol, exists of 1 and up to 4 parasols on a mast giving up to 38 m² of pleasure in the shade.

Find all the additional information and combinations of colour sizes and finishes by following the link below: http://

Data sheet

Widthde 3 a 6,15 m
Depthde 3 a 6,15m
Stylescarré, rectangulaire ou rond
Colors12 coloris
Shapesquare, rectangular or round
Fixationbase, floor plate, sealing foot or wall bracket
Operationmanual or motorized
UV protection7-8/8 (Standard ISO 106 BO4)
MaintainLes toiles sont lavables et faciles à remplacer
GuaranteeGarantie de 10 ans sur la rétention de la couleur

More info

So easy to use, the P6 is based on a single system:

 UV protection, all P6 and P7 fabrics reduce UV rays and offer you high protection against the most dangerous rays emitted by the sun (the fabrics filter 100% of the solar UV).
The 2 lighter colours (Sand White and Natural White) filter 95% of the sun's UV rays.
The Skin Cancer Foundation (American Foundation Against Skin Cancer) recommends Dickson as a means of preventing the harmful effects of the sun on the skin. The shade created by Dickson fabric products is very protective.
Anti-mould > 300 mm water column Let the air through & anti-stain.

100% aluminum mat. Filter UV at 100% depending on the cloth.

Easy opening system with a single sliding.

LED lighting option and available heating.

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PROSTOR P6 Offset Parasol

PROSTOR P6 Offset Parasol

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