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Great reputation from this Bistro chair by Fermob, the chair was designed 125 years ago and still looks timeless as garden furniture.

 Emblematic chair, recognizable with shape extruded slats on the seat and backrest. Those folding chairs are popular in gardens or patios. Many colors are available for this steel garden chair. Also exists with lacquered beech wood slats.

ColorsMany Colors
Delivery delay4 weeks

Feauture Products

420,00 € 495,00 €

The TWIN coffee table with multiple heights from the brand LES JARDINS DU SUD. Very modern, it combines a structure in aluminium and a ceramic plate that can be used as a coffee table to enjoy an aperitif or as a dining table to enjoy a meal with your guests.

150,00 € 195,00 €

The MAORA set of 2 stools from the brand LES JARDINS DU SUD, all made out of Sandy Brown woven resin on an aluminium structure, with seat cushion and backrest OLEFIN.

67,15 € 79,00 € -15%

Novelty by FATBOY, table lamp BOLLEKE hang it anywhere you want to create a cosy mood in your garden or patio.  

75,65 € 89,00 € -15%

Re-chargeable lamp in lighting 3 positions . 2 x 1 watt

83,30 € 119,00 € -30%

Inside or outside, on the lamp or the pedestal table, mood lamp or bedside lamp... The outdoor MOON lamp join to all your meals or evenings.

152,15 € 179,00 € -15%

Original lamp. Sold in a nice protective cover with a rope to suspend it or a teak spike to plant it in the earth. Will blend perfectly with your indoor and outdoor.  

66,00 € 95,00 €

Garden coffee table from the French brand FERMOB, with its removable plate, the coffee table  can be used as a support table during aperitifs and as a side table in your livingroom or outside.  

Out of stock
139,41 € 199,15 € -30%

The folding garden tables Bistro Fermob are very varied in colors, shape and size. For the adaptation of your patio, the come in 3 shapes.

109,65 € 129,00 € -15%

Its suitcase form and its light weight allow you to organize barbecues wherever you want. Easy to set up, install the charcoal and it's ready to use!

75,65 € 89,00 € -15%

Its suitcase form and its light weight allow you to organize barbecues wherever you want. Easy to set up, install the charcoal and it's ready to use! At the beach, on the boat or during a picnic, bring your barbecue with you.

152,36 € 179,25 € -15%

A revolution for your pool, it's magic! Sitinpool is the only sofa that follows you on water. No tool, no accessory, you just have to open the box and your sitingpool falls into place. Try and enjoy it!.

76,08 € 89,50 € -15%

Finally! A sun lounger that won't stay on the patio. Throw it in the pool! Easy to store and comfortable.  

72,25 € 85,00 € -15%

The famous LAMZAC chair from the brand Fatboy. Dare fantasy.

47,64 € 56,05 € -15%

Nice TRFEFFLE outdoor pillow. 44*44 cm Treated with Teflon . Anti-Mould .

64,64 € 76,05 € -15%

Outdoor Pillow Treated with Teflon, anti stain Anti-mould

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