ROM LEONIS Sectionals

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Data sheet

Depth100 / 203cm
Length200 / 300cm
MaterialsSolid Beech Wood
CoveringMany choices
ColorsMany choices
Delivery delay5 weeks

More info

Massive beech wood Materials, concept of 20cm : pick the size of your sofa in increments of 20 cm, from 120 to 240 cm; bed function available with Sedac Nova mechanic; 3 armrests length possible (10,20 or 30cm); Storagein in Longchair elements, Terminal, Smartchair and pouf; 3 comfort quality to pick for the seat of the bed: Privitex (seat 28kg/m3, mattress 32kg/m3), Bultex (seat 37 kg/m3, mattress 38 kg/m3), Biotex (seat and mattress 55kg/m3); two/tone model possible.

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ROM LEONIS Sectionals

ROM LEONIS Sectionals

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