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Nauta means mood, comfort and shadow like a presence in your garden or on your patio. With NAUTA UMBROSO, realise the conception of a shed; a new and refreshing interpretation: shadow and functionality.

5 378,00 €

With its unique form, the SPECTRA offers a limitless range of positions. This clean parasol unites the beauty of a flat concept to the functionality of a fan system. Due to this system, the parasol folds  horizontally. A concept contemporary and unique. Each SPECTRA folds against the pole and is stored in a protective cover.

1 821,00 €

Inguena is a range of sail shade by the Umbrosa brand.

3 385,00 €

Real masterpiece by the Belgium designers from the Umbrosa brand.

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THE ICARUS parasol creates intimacy of a cocoon while you can enjoy the nice weather . This parasol can also be use as a screen. It is rotatable 360° due to its rotary plate.

2 800,00 €

With its unique fort, the SPECTRA offers an endless positions range. This sober parasol links beauty with a plat concept a fonctionnalité d un system eventail . Due to this system, this parasol fold itself horizontally . A contemporary and unique concept .

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