Floor Cushions 

199,00 €

The Fatboy floor pillow is as comfortable than decorative. It is always a pleasure to spend a nice and relaxing moment on this pillow.

74,50 €

The famous LAMZAC chair from the brand Fatboy. Dare fantasy.

298,25 €

Indoor and outdoor, the Buggle Up by Fatboy is a great accessory for your garden or your house.2 positions: mattress to lie on the floor or armchair with straps to seat on.

318,00 €

The garden pillow PUPILLOW from the famous brand FATBOY is a moment of relaxation in perspective, comfortable, trendy, it is an indoor product but can also be used outside, resistance to water and dirt.

89,50 €

Finally! A sun lounger that won't stay on the patio. Throw it in the pool! Easy to store and comfortable.  

89,25 €

Incomparable because of its seat, a well-being sensation comes over you. Ideal for the kid's bedroom, living-room, as well inside as outside. Easy to move and easy maintenance, the SITINCHAIR armchair is indispensable.

179,25 €

A revolution for your pool, it's magic! Sitinpool is the only sofa that follows you on water. No tool, no accessory, you just have to open the box and your sitingpool falls into place. Try and enjoy it!.

99,25 €

Garden cushion practical and multifunctional. Usable inside or outside, SITINBAG can be a: ottoman, armchair, sun lounger or an extra bed. For moments of relaxation, alone or with family, this cushion is an indispensable decorative accessory   for your house or patio.

16,15 €

 Garden ottoman. Unique in the world. Better resistance than a classic inflatable mattress. UV resistant.

89,50 €

Customized pillow for your dog. 2 sizes 60*80*15 cm or 120*80*15 cm

1 056,70 €

Sunbed relax from the famous brand TRIMM COPENHAGEN.

669,70 €

Daybed in fabric SUNBRELLA from the famous brand TRIMM COPENHAGEN.

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