Pots, Vases and Planters 

159,00 €

Pot holder from the brand VONDOM, exists in lacquered and many colors.

409,00 €

Jardiniere composed with 2 aluminium bins and handle in steel wire with water evacuation holes on two sides of the bins with caps. Legs and bins dissociable.

449,00 €

Material and steel wire, aluminium bins, 2 evacuation holes for water on each sides of the bins. Legs and bins dismountable .

556,15 €

Material: tube leg in steel, bins and shelves in sheet steel.Evacuation holes for water of bins with system. déporté Dismountable legs and bins.

462,00 €

The CHEMISTUBES pot from Vondom is a decorative element, essential for people in search of an outdoor space very modern and original. Its container gives it a unique style!What do you want to do ? New mailCopy

120,00 €

Pot in polyethylene or lacquered from the famous brand SLIDE.

120,00 €

Luminous pot from the famous brand SLIDE

336,00 €

The X-Pot Light is the typical luminous vase by Slide with double-wall. Can be used for outdoor and indoor conditions. Translucent color with LED lights.

216,00 €

Pot in polyethylene, wide choice of colours.

96,00 €

Planter from the famous brand SLIDE by the designer Rosaria RATTIN.

1 045,00 €

The harmonious and refined shapes of the HEAVEN furniture gives an idea of non-conventional elegance..

270,00 €

Attracting design reminding the design of a classical garden pot version 2D. Lacquered version with a vast color choice, fits easily in your garden or on your patio.

127,00 €

Superb 3D vase, creation from VONDOM.

564,00 €

Superb 3D vase, creation from VONDOM.

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