Interior lighting 

569,00 €

Original chandelier from the brand FATBOY.

65,00 €

Portable outdoor lamp, translucent colors. Practical outside furniture. You can bring it wherever you go due to its rechargeable battery .

479,00 €

XL version of the Edison lamp, outdoor lamp to place on the garden or patio. Translucent. Waterproof cabling.

89,00 €

Re-chargeable lamp in lighting 3 positions . 2 x 1 watt

1 390,00 €

Forms of the indoor moving toward outdoor spaces: the lamp collection CONE is based on the elegance and vintage form of the lampshade from the '50s. Updated with to the choice of materials and generous forms.

312,00 €

Outdoor lamppost, metal base lampshade in polyethylene .

192,00 €

Original cactus lamppost to decorates your patio.

296,00 €

Original pot holder created by VONDOM. Luminous.

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