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569,00 €

Original chandelier from the brand FATBOY.

298,25 €

Indoor and outdoor, the Buggle Up by Fatboy is a great accessory for your garden or your house.2 positions: mattress to lie on the floor or armchair with straps to seat on.

89,50 €

Customized pillow for your dog. 2 sizes 60*80*15 cm or 120*80*15 cm

479,00 €

XL version of the Edison lamp, outdoor lamp to place on the garden or patio. Translucent. Waterproof cabling.

65,00 €

Portable outdoor lamp, translucent colors. Practical outside furniture. You can bring it wherever you go due to its rechargeable battery .

419,50 €

Fatboy Headdmock hammock for exterior or interior. The hammock has been designed for two people. It is a real outdoor wicker furniture, easy to store and to bring wherever you want.

99,50 €

Protection Nylon cover from Fatboy exclusively made out to protect your Headdmock hammock from UV and rain. It is easy to install and allows to avoid a winter storage.

199,00 €

The Fatboy floor pillow is as comfortable than decorative. It is always a pleasure to spend a nice and relaxing moment on this pillow.

79,00 €

Novelty by FATBOY, table lamp BOLLEKE hang it anywhere you want to create a cosy mood in your garden or patio.  

269,00 €

After the small lamp from the brand FATBOY, here is the same but in a bigger size.

74,50 €

The famous LAMZAC chair from the brand Fatboy. Dare fantasy.

318,00 €

The garden pillow PUPILLOW from the famous brand FATBOY is a moment of relaxation in perspective, comfortable, trendy, it is an indoor product but can also be used outside, resistance to water and dirt.

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