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319,00 €

The garden trunk Biohort store every object you can't store at home. Ideal for cushions, sun loungers and deck chair, toys, camping accessories and sport accessories.5 colours (white, silver, metallic bronz, metallic dark grey and metallic quartz grey and 4 dimensions (100, 130, 160HIGH and 180).  

949,00 €

The LoungeBox is the perfect solution to store cushions and other big objects. Because of its attractive look,it will fit with every patio!

999,00 €

Suddenly everything changed! The mower has its own garage and the waste separation is now done with order. The baby brother of tool cupboard, , the STOREMAX, offers you great space intermediate floor (optional), you can double the storing surface and use the STOREMAX to store your bicycles.   

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