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89,25 €

Incomparable because of its seat, a well-being sensation comes over you. Ideal for the kid's bedroom, living-room, as well inside as outside. Easy to move and easy maintenance, the SITINCHAIR armchair is indispensable.

149,00 €

Ideal for hot summer floors! Don't  burn your feet. Dress your patios, to make your outdoor as cosy as your indoor. Set up one of our carpet woven in polyester that will dynamise your outdoor lounge while resisting to the rain.

249,00 €

Dress your patios, to make your outdoor as cosy as your  indoor

149,00 €

Dress your patios to make it as cosy as the inside. Ideals for hot summer floors! Don't burn your foot! This carpet will give a vibrant effect to your outdoor lounge while resisting the rain.

99,25 €

Garden cushion practical and multifunctional. Usable inside or outside, SITINBAG can be a: ottoman, armchair, sun lounger or an extra bed. For moments of relaxation, alone or with family, this cushion is an indispensable decorative accessory   for your house or patio.

179,25 €

A revolution for your pool, it's magic! Sitinpool is the only sofa that follows you on water. No tool, no accessory, you just have to open the box and your sitingpool falls into place. Try and enjoy it!.What do you want to do ? New mailCopy

89,00 €

The R lamp will illuminate your meals, outdoor or indoor. Its integrated leg and its light weight allow you to bring it everywhere.This lamp adapts to every need due to its two luminous intensities: white light or amber light.

29,90 €

Let yourself seduced by the plate range in melamine from the famous brand Sunvibes. Transportable for all occasions and unbreakable.

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