Steel, chromed or lacquered leg. Available in 22 colors. Aluminum sliding extension system. Existing in mat or shiny lacquered glass plate (12 colors). Also available in tinted oak wood.

Stainless steel satin feet or chromed, many choice of colors, lacquered shiny glass or frosted plate.

Extendable dining table, its design will seduce you for sure. Plate in ceramic wood or ceramic glass, legs in solid wood with metal support, sliding structure in metal or aluminium. Wide choice of finishes, ceramic for the plate, lacquered satin or venner, extension system to add or butterfly leaf mechanism. 

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It is a dining table with a modern style, inimitable with discrete cut, very original. Plate in wood, ceramic, or ceramic glass, metal base, structure and slides in aluminium. Wide choice of finishesceramicforthe plate,extension system to add or butterfly leaf mechanism.

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Discover the dining table NATALI, it offers you many dimensions for all spaces with the quality of high-end finishes. Plate in wood, wood with ceramic or frosted glass, lacquered or matt, the legs in aluminium 6*6cm are reinforced, its structure and its slides are in aluminium.  

Lena is a table with a unique design, the interlacing of the legs brings an aesthetic that won't let no one indifferent. Plate in wood, ceramic or lacquered glass in option, base in solid wood, frame in metal and butterfly leaf mechanism aluminium.  

Here is the table with a unique look, make of your table a decorative object!  Your dining room will dig into modernity. Plate in solid wood, ceramic or glass in option, leg in metal or in solid wood, extensions only in a butterfly leaf mechanism, structure and slides in aluminium, option with the coating of the base in stainless steel.

Set up your living room with the raisable and extendable coffee table. Table with a modern design,combiningeleganceandperformance. Thetablecan be used as a coffee tableandas a dining table2 central extensionswill be useful to extend easily your coffee table. Seating places: up to 10 people.

Combine elegance with modernity with this raisable and extendable coffee table.TheTOULOUSE tablecan be used as acoffee tableor as a dining table.Indeed, its2 central extensionswill be very useful to extend easily your coffee table. Seating places: up to 18 people.

Discover this raisable table with a contemporary design.Themodular tableknows how to lay low, itsirregular rectangular platechanges itself into around platein a few seconds.Handy, it can be used as a coffee tableand as adining table.. Opt for araisable coffee tableof anItalian manufacturer,,discreetandfunctional.

Discover this raisable coffee table with a modern design. It stands out by its opening system. Handy, it can be used as acoffee tableand as adining table because of itsrectangular plate that hidestwo central legsallowing to transform acoffee tableinto a dining table..

Discover this console with an extendable and modern style,theconsole STARturns into a dining table if needed.Discreeton a daily basis, this extensible consolecan be used as an entrance consoleor as adeskbecause of its shallow depth.Dining table, seating places: up to 16 people.

The living room will a new look because of LUCAS, this console with an important structure, impose its contemporary design. It will be the protagonist of your house, even in an open position, as a solid and handy dining table with its charm.

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Garden coffee table from the French brand FERMOB, with its removable plate, the coffee table  can be used as a support table during aperitifs and as a side table in your livingroom or outside.  

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Here is the new table RIBAMBELLE from the famous brand FERMOB, all made out of aluminium, it is perfect for a sunny patio, available in many colours, steaing places: up to 14 people in its version with 3 extensions.  

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