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484,50 €

Luminous bar to enhance your evenings.

964,50 €

The JUMBO bar by SLIDE is a luminous modular bar created by Jorge Najera with essential lines yet with a unique style, light and functional with the magic of the light, creating a unique mood for your unforgettable evenings, indoor and outdoor.  

784,50 €

Luminous bar from the famous brand SLIDE, to enhance your evenings.

119,15 €

Garden coffee table, model  from the famous brand SLIDE. Because of its unusual form, the BLOS table is made nbsp;for indoor or outdoor space. By turning the coffee table, it turns into a piece of functional furniture to store magazines or other things.

976,00 €

The JUMBO luminous corner bar by SLIDE, allows you to complete your luminous bar. Born from the creativity of the designer Jorge Nera, polyvalent modular, innovative. Ideal for receptions. The corner bar is light, resistant and visually strong. Blends easily to any kind of space.  

252,00 €

Luminous floor lamp from the famous brand SLIDE. Exists in an outdoor or indoor model.What do you want to do ? New mailCopy

192,00 €

Floor lamp in polyethylene for indoors and outdoors.

108,00 €

ALI BABA lamp from the famous band SLIDE - indoor and outdoor use.

948,00 €

Pure and amazing, DINO is a beautiful lamp with XXL dimensions, its form associated to its big size reminds a giant egg.

108,00 €

Outdoor floor lamp from the brand SLIDE.

276,00 €

LIGHT DRINK is at a time a mood lamp and an ice bucket. It allows you to keep your bottles cool all night long.What do you want to do ? New mailCopy

120,00 €

Luminous pot from the famous brand SLIDE

120,00 €

Pot in polyethylene or lacquered from the famous brand SLIDE.

216,00 €

Pot in polyethylene, wide choice of colours.

96,00 €

Planter from the famous brand SLIDE by the designer Rosaria RATTIN.

336,00 €

The X-Pot Light is the typical luminous vase by Slide with double-wall. Can be used for outdoor and indoor conditions. Translucent color with LED lights.

270,00 €

Attracting design reminding the design of a classical garden pot version 2D. Lacquered version with a vast color choice, fits easily in your garden or on your patio.

354,00 €

Manhattan lamppost with multiple translucent facets. A fabulous outside furniture, element of decoration in your garden or on your patio with a soft and pleasant lighting .

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